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Omar Slim White

245 N. Highland Ave Ste 230-235 

Atlanta, Ga 30307

​Tel: 800.239.7346​

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I do not belong to any organizations, religions or societies. The HIGHEST ORDER within the UNIVERSE is DIVINE ORDER which is the only order I subscribe to which is that of a righteous system.

A part of my purpose is to expand the consciousness of humanity. I'm a spiritual teacher. The etymology of spirit is breath. This breath is the gaseous aspect of GOD, which is the breath of GOD. Our atmosphere is comprised of several different gases. Theses various gases come together through LOVE to form the basis of our atmosphere & because of its nature sustain us. You can not smell or see the air but you know it exist because you breathe more than you drink & you breathe more than you eat. So as a spiritual teacher I take the unseen & make it SEEN...

From a worldly standpoint my background stems from marketing...

Outside of the entertainment industry & even before I entered the entertainment industry I’ve always found myself passionate about human anatomy as well as health/nutrition. Primarily based on my father passing away from stage 4 lung cancer.

Before the transition of my father I was able to learn much of the how the medical industry works & how the human body works. When one has cancer the preferred method is usually surgery, radiation & or chemotherapy. Western medicine takes a barbaric approach to treating the human body…

So when cells become cancerous the medical "practitioner" may practice on that patient using “experimental” drugs that will target ALL cells (healthy/unhealthy) with the hopes of fixing the problem. This is why quite often the victim will lose their hair & experience many other complications due to the body being ‘stripped’ of healthy cells which contain the information necessary to produce LIFE. 

Now I will say this, many of our brothers & sisters in the medical industry are great people who actually care about their patients but based on ignorance (which means to ignore that which brings clarity) don’t realize they’ve been trained by a system to destroy versus NURTURE. This very reason allowed me to use my Entertainment platform to reeducate the people about the human body. The temple is HOLY & should be kept that way in order to maximize the effectiveness of experiencing this EXPERIENCE within this system known as REALITY.

Being a vegan for 17 years has allowed me to walk a path which has benefited me greatly in addition to serving a DIVINE purpose assisting humanity through education. It is this spiritual experience that allows me to teach the people the necessary steps to being healthy.

Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my purpose.

Peace & Blessings...Follow me on telegram

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